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Frequent asked questions by our visitors!

1. Describe one pioneering technological innovation applied by the Maltese Falcon

The Dynarig design of the Falcon incorporates slots in the front of the mast from which the sails are unfurled and the rig is actuated from the base of the mast. To achieve sailing conditions within the designed safety margins, a monitoring application(link) was developed which displays and allows touch screen control of the sailing loads from the bridge. The system also records and archives the loads in the masts.

The Maltese Falcon is designed in such a way as to allow modular and progressive enhancement of its powerful functionality. The yacht has already incorporated developments in satellite communications, sail design, entertainment applications and other cutting edge technologies as they become available from globally recognised R & D specialist companies in order for the yacht to maintain her position at the forefront of innovation in superyachts.

2. How long is the Maltese Falcon and how tall are the masts?

The Maltese Falcon is 88m long and its masts are 58m high.

3. How many nautical miles has the Maltese Falcon travelled and how many of them under sail?

The Maltese Falcon has travelled 150,000 nautical miles of which 60,000 under sail. The easy automated handling enables the vessel to sail where other sailing yachts would need to use their engines. Maltese Falcon is very proud of its very impressive sailing statistics. There is an internet video of the Maltese Falcon sailing off her moorings leaving Antigua.

4. What is the sailing schedule of the Maltese Falcon in 2017?

The Maltese Falcon has joined the 35th America’s cup SuperYacht program and she will be in Bermuda from end of May until end of June 2017.

5. Who is the owner of the Maltese Falcon?

The owner is Pleon Ltd.

6. How many Perini Navi cups has the Maltese Falcon won?

The Perini Navi cup takes place in Sardinia every 2 years and the Maltese Falcon has won the cup 3 times.

7. How many visitors has the website welcomed since launch of the new website in 2009.

Over a million viewings of the yacht’s website as well as over a million visits to third party videos posted on YouTube. The Maltese Falcon is very popular.

8. How does the Maltese Falcon contribute to benefit charitable causes?

The Maltese Falcon participates in many worthwhile causes around the world. Only some of them are publicly known and are shown on the website.

9. What is the favourite sporting activity of your guests?

Depending on the location and weather it could be from windsurfing to kite-surfing and from diving to fly-boarding.

10. Which award is The Maltese Falcon most proud of?

It is very hard to say because The Maltese Falcon has won 18 awards since her launch. She also appeared in many prestigious publications receiving accolades and global recognition for her design, innovation, and interior amongst others. She has been voted as the finest superyacht ever and as a result she was presented with the First Baccarat SuperYacht World trophy. In 2016 The Maltese Falcon was placed by SuperYachtWorld in the top 10 in the Hall of Fame due to her audacious use of technology and unique styling which make her an unforgettable sight on the water.
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